map of Dunkard

Dunkard Creek is a 37 mile stream that meanders through Monongalia Co., WV and Greene Co., PA, emptying into the Monongahela River near Poland Mines, PA.

The Friends of Dunkard Creek promotes and protects natural and community resources of the Pennsylvania segment of the Dunkard Creek watershed through education, networking, research, stewardship, and encouraging positive government action. Reach goals such as beautifying the Dunkard Creek watershed, preventing litter, managing the negative effects of waste, and reducing the amount of pollution throughout the watershed. This includes

  • Encouraging sustainable land and water uses and the protection and preservation of agricultural lands.
  • Conducting educational and scientific investigations and research related to natural resources conservation within the Dunkard Creek Watershed.
  • Disseminating information pertaining to the natural environment of the Watershed to interested parties and the general public.
  • Educating the public in the significance of stream and land uses as they relate to the quality of life and to water quality of the Watershed.
  • Encouraging financial, technical, and other assistance from federal, state, and local sources to protect and sustain the Watershed.

Friends of Dunkard Creek was founded in 2005 in Greene County, PA, is a 501(c)(4) Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, is a member of the Greene County Watershed Alliance and works closely with the Dunkard Creek Watershed Association, a West Virginia nonprofit corporation.