Impacts of Abandoned Mine Drainage on Dunkard Creek

Acid Mine Drainage

In the early 1900's Maiden and Moffet Mines were actively mining coal from the Pittsburgh Vein near the mouth of Dunkard Creek in southeastern Greene Co., PA. These mines operated prior to the enactment of requirements by the State of Pennsylvania to bond mining activities so when these operations were abandoned, they filled with water and now are spilling into Dunkard Creek in several locations. The high levels of iron pryrite in these discharges often turn Dunkard Creek an orange color particularly during periods of low flow in the Summer. Acidity from these drainages also adversely affects the aquatic community in Dunkard Creek.

In 2009 as part of an agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PMAP No. 30031601), Dana Mining declared their commitment to mitigate these AMD discharges into Dunkard Creek but as of early 2012, the discharges into Dunkard Creek continue.

Photos of acid mine drainage into Dunkard Creek

  • aerial view near State Route 2012 bridge over Dunkard
  • AMD seep, near intersection of SR 2011 and Beal Rd.